Kitchen Chronicles (III) : I’m Off White


It’s been over a month since I bought the oven, and yes, it’s still sitting in the living room but I’ve been busy, I promise!

It’s been kitchen-mania for the last few weeks but I managed to get a home-visit booked in with Wickes. The consultant came over, measured everything out and we talked about what I wanted out of my new kitchen. Fast forward a week, and I had a full 3D plan of the kitchen with a breakdown of each unit and the total kitchen cost.

To save time, I sent the plans, measurements and breakdowns of the kitchen units I’d need to a couple of other Kitchen providers. Work has been really busy so I thought this would be the fastest way of getting  more quotes, rather than having multiple home visits. I’ll probably do a separate post about my experience with Wickes in particular at some point, but in the end and with much haggling (as per usual) I’ve chosen to go with Wickes.

Initially, I wanted a white kitchen but after searching, the white ranges (especially the ones within my price range) just felt a bit too ‘clinical’. Then I started thinking about maintenance, and keeping it consistently nice and shiny until eventually I got a headache. I went back and forth a few times, but I’ve now settled with Wickes’ Glencoe Larch range.


It’s an off white/creamy colour but I thought it was quite unique and I haven’t really seen anything like it before. The cabinets themselves have a wood grain texture with a high gloss overlay, which gives a traditional yet modern feel at the same time. The added texture it would add to the kitchen was what sold it for me and once I saw it there was no turning back.

The worktop choice was a lot harder for me. Although granite would have been nice, I just didn’t think the price was worth it for such a small kitchen. However, finding a grey laminate worktop that went with the cabinets took a while; Wickes’ choices were quite limited so I had to settle for a darker grey than I initially wanted. I’m hoping it turns out alright and doesn’t make the kitchen feel too dark but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

[Photo Credit : Wickes]

I still have to decide on flooring, tiles and find someone to actually fit the kitchen for me. Thankfully, I’m not having the kitchen delivered for another 7 weeks so that buys me some time!


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