Kitchen Chronicles (II) : I Bought An Oven

Soooo, in my last kitchen post I mentioned I’d be going to Wickes to take a look at their kitchens. Well I did. However I did not walk out of Wickes with a kitchen, I walked out of Wickes with an integrated oven.

I have a confession – I’m pretty good with money, but at times I can be an impulsive buyer, as demonstrated by my most recent purchase. In my defence, it was a bargain!

It turns out that the old kitchen showroom was being ripped out to make way for their new kitchen ranges. As a result, they were selling off everything from sinks, to ovens, to cabinets at ex-display prices! The day I came was the final day before demolition and everything that wasn’t sold would be smashed and recycled. So if you think about it, it was more fate than impulse right?

The oven I bought was one of the last displays that hadn’t been sold and was priced at £120 (I later found out that the price for a brand new one was over £800 – link here). After a bit of banter and light hearted conversation, I ended up talking the Store Manager down to £80 (haggling is life) and walked away with a Touch Control Integrated Electrolux Oven for 10% of the original price!

So anyway, there’s currently an integrated oven sat in my living room, looking rather out of place… but what it does mean is that there’s no backing out now – this kitchen renovation is going ahead for real.

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