Kitchen Blues (or more like Grey’s!)


When I first moved in to my flat, I didn’t really have any plans to change the kitchen, it was fully functional, semi-fitted and quite frankly I had bigger fish to fry – i.e. the horrendous lime green bathroom! Fast forward a couple years and I started to get the “Kitchen Blues”. As there are no windows in my kitchen it often feels quite dark and dreary, plus it reminds me of the kitchen in my university accommodation which is not the feel I want in my own home. So I’ve taken to Pinterest and decided it’s time to spruce it up a little.

I have 3 main objectives:

  1. Make the kitchen brighter
  2. Incorporate more storage
  3. Get a dishwasher!!! (My fellow washing-up haters will understand)

My living room has a grey-ish theme going on and given it’s semi-open plan, it didn’t take too long for me to settle on a white and grey kitchen. White automatically makes a space feel bigger and a glossy white can reflect any natural light that does make it’s way into a darker space.

I’ve added some images for inspo below to give a better idea of the look I’m going for. I love how the natural daylight from the garden lightly bounces off the cabinets. It really makes the room feel bigger and you almost forget just how narrow the kitchen actually is.



Being the meticulous planner that I am, I whipped out the measuring tape and have drawn out a floor plan of my kitchen. From my experience (and years of watching Homes Under the Hammer) this is a key part when planning any major works, as you have to be realistic about the changes that can be made. Space comes at a premium in London and my kitchen is tiny so I know I can’t make too many changes (if any) to the current layout – but I must get a dishwasher in there at all costs.



Right now, my plan is to add more wall cabinets so I can afford to lose one of the floor cabinets to a slimline dishwasher. I also plan on getting rid of the old appliances I inherited from the previous owners and making all the appliances fully fitted to give the kitchen a cleaner look and maximise space. There’s a Wickes right behind my house so that’ll be my first stop and we’ll see what happens from there!


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